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Quick And Easy HGV Medicals In Milton Keynes

With our HGV Medicals in Milton Keynes, you can avoid the long waiting times and book an appointment at your convenience.

Whether you are a commercial driver or a fleet manager looking to book for your divers, our quick and easy HGV medicals are the best way to minimise time spent off the road.

HGV Driver Medicals In Milton Keynes

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Do I Need A Driver Medical?

Our driver medicals in Milton Keynes are not just for commercial drivers. We are experienced in providing medicals for those from all walks of life. Here are just a few examples of those who might benefit from a driver medical:

Drivers Of Specific Vehicles

Those who drive vehicles, such as buses and heavy trucks may be required to undergo frequent examinations due to the increased risk associated with operating these kinds of vehicles.

Elderly Drivers

Elderly drivers are sometimes required to undergo medical examinations to ensure they can still drive safely.

Drivers With Medical Conditions

Those with medical conditions that may impair their driving ability may need to undergo a driver medical. Conditions such as epilepsy, vision impairment and diabetes may require regular checks.

New Drivers

In some cases, new drivers may be required to pass a driver medical before getting on the road.

Professional Drivers

Those whose primary job is driving should undergo regular driver medicals. This includes emergency service personnel, delivery drivers and racing drivers.

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Driver Medicals: What To Expect

A driver medical examination involves a series of tests to assess an individual’s overall health and fitness to operate a vehicle safely. One of our qualified GPs will assess your medical history and any ongoing conditions to gauge your health.

You will also be examined to determine whether you are safe to drive. Your vision, hearing, and cardiovascular health will all be tested to ensure you meet the standards necessary to pass a HGV medical.


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