Our Private Clinic Fees

We believe in an honest and transparent approach. Therefore, we ensure you are aware of our fees before booking your appointment.

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Qualified Doctors

All of our doctors are NHS-trained with years of experience throughout the healthcare industry.

GP Consultation

Treatment TypesPrice
25-Minute Face-to-Face Consultation£65
25-Minute Face-to-Face Follow-Up£40

GP Services

Treatment TypesPrice
Insurance Letter£25
Referral Letter£25
Driver Medical£65
Joint Injection£295 including GP consultation
Annual Health Check£65 +/- cost of tailored investigations
Hay Fever Injection£95
Cancer Screening£65 + cost of tailored investigations
Mole And Cyst RemovalFrom £395
Ganglion Cyst Drainage£245 including GP consultation
Knee Drain£295 including GP consultation

Menopause Specialist Services

Treatment TypesPrice
Initial 60-Minute Consultation£269 (includes follow-up)
Follow-Up AppointmentFree (booked 6-8 weeks after initial appointment)
Subsequent Appointments£139
Blood Tests£245 (done during initial consultation)

Scans (Organised within 7 days)

Treatment TypesPrice
MRI ScanFrom £295
DEXA (Bone Scan)£115
CT ScanFrom £395

Other Investigations

Treatment TypesPrice
48-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor£99
24-Hour ECG Monitor£265
7-Day ECG Monitor£325
Liver MRI Multi Scan£525
Cardiac MRI£650
Blood TestsTailored to patient